Thursday, April 16, 2009

Showing Appreciation With Mothers Day Flower Arrangements

I really like Mother's Day because it allows me to recognize my mom for every thing she does and how important she is to me. The best way to show this appreciation is a mothers day flower
 arrangement. is a great company that has a variety of cheerful, fun, and creative bouquets like the one above, which incorporates sunflowers, my mom's favorite flower.

On Mother's Day, I like to take my mom out to lunch with my brother. Besides a mothers day flower arrangment sent to her work beforehand (usually on a friday), we usually also get her another small gift, like a book she's been wanting to read or a few candles that smell like lilac or roses. 

Even though my mom really likes the beautiful flower arrangments that my brother and I send her, I think she just appreciates what we took the time to think of her and made her feel special on this day. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful mom. 

I love you, Mom!

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  1. These flowers are truly awesome and planning to have similar Flower Bouquets for my mom on this mother’s day. She will surely love them as flowers are best gift for anyone. Well-known florist will deliver flowers on the day with a small gift basket.