Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting a Dog From a Breeder Like Happiness is Pets

Since H has finally found a job, we are thinking seriously about getting a puppy. I miss my dog Charlie very much and it would be great to have a dog running around to keep us company. I visited the website of Happiness is Pets to learn more about buying a new puppy and what kind of puppy we should think about getting.

Happiness is Pets sells mixes like Puggles, and a poodle might be good to get because they don't shed as much as are good for people with allergies, like me. However, H really wants to get a mini dachshund but I've never had one of those before and I'm not sure if Happiness is Pets carries them. He wants to get a long-haired black and tan one. I guess we'll have to do some more research to decide if we're ready for a dog.

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