Monday, November 23, 2009

Doing Good like Deven Parekh

As I get more established in my industry, I would love to serve on board of non-profit and do-good organizations like Deven Parekh. He currently serves on the board of Publicolor, and I'm sure he enjoys every minute of it. Even though I don't live in a big city like Deven Parekh, I would like to find some more opportunities where I can learn more about volunteering and helping in causes that I care about.

Deven Parekh is involved with Publicolor because he cares about motivating teenagers, and I would like to find a women's issues organization or a non-profit that is helping shelter animals find homes. These are 2 causes that I care about deeply. Occasionally I donate money to animal shelters when they send me fund raising letters through the mail, but if I had more spare time, I would like to go to a local animal shelter and help feed and bathe animals that are waiting for new homes.

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