Monday, December 28, 2009

Sak narwal Reminds Me of Missing Summer

Since winter has finally hit Kansas, there is starting to be a lot cold weather and snow and I've begun to think about all the things I miss most about the summer, when the weather is much better and there is more to do.

One of these things (which Sak Narwal's blog reminded me of) is fishing. Sak Narwal has a passion for fishing and I do too. I think fishing is very relaxing and it makes me feel less stressed out. Sometimes I feel bad for the fish, but since I am a compassionate fisherman like Sak Narwal, I usually put the fish back since I do not wish to eat them.

When I am fishing, I do it for sport, not for food. For this reason, I don't care very much if I catch any fish or not.

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