Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cool Gadget: Car Cameras

We have all seen those viral videos of police pulling over another car, and antics ensue. Luckily, we get to see these, thanks to the police cruiser's car camera. One thing I just found out was that these car cameras are for sale! I had no idea that they were available to anyone else except for the police.

Car camera may have a variety of uses- to create a home movie commemorating a road trip or travels, for evidence should anything happen (this may be a good idea for semis or other long-distance drivers in a company car). Having a camera as back-up evidence is always a great idea.

These car cameras come in a variety of difference styles, sizes, and shapes. There are also different capacities and recording features. There are smaller styles so they don't inhibit the driver's view, and there are even more that have larger capacities to record long sessions of video tape at a time.

The majority of these run through the AC outlet in your car or truck and are easy to set up.

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