Thursday, January 15, 2009

Amos Tamam's Taxi Invention

On New Year’s Eve, I got our taxi driver lost. I haven’t been in this city long, but I’m glad I had thought to get cash so I could give him a bigger tip. I know I’ve mentioned it before, Amos Tamam’s credit card machine in taxis hasn’t quite reached my city yet, so until then, I just have to remember to get cash.

We live in a time now though, that’s it’s so hard to remember to get cash. Amos Tamam was right on the money when he thought of a credit card machine in taxis, especially since people take them when they aren’t in the right mind to be driving. Amos Tamam was right on the “money"-- literally-- when he thought of credit card taxi machines. I’m sure taxi drivers will get more tips that way!

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