Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amos Tamam Update

I know I have written about Amos Tamam in the past, but I thought I'd write a quick blog post about what he's up to and what is going on in his life now. When I was writing about Amos Tamam before, he didn't have a website yet. Now, as I was surfing around online, looking up people who I have written about before in this blog, I stumbled across his website.

There are a lot of links on his website that have his online social media profiles, along with ZoomInfo and a lot of other information about his work with the taxi industry. Amos Tamam has done a lot of great work with digitizing the payment system in taxis, and he is bound to be successful for the long term.

RENEW International and Thier Website

While surfing online, I came across the website of RENEW International. They are a Roman Catholic ministry that does a lot of activities every year. Their website has a lot of interesting information about what they do in their organization. It is easy to navigate and the colors are very appealing. They use green as their main color and the tree in the menu shows hopefulness and grace.

RENEW International's website has their newsletter, press releases, an online store, and the website is fairly easy to navigate. However, in my opinion, the best part about their website is the 'About' section. It is very thorough and talks a lot about RENEW International and their ministry-- what's important to them, their mission, and their history. They have a deep religious faith and strength to their belief and convictions.