Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting a Dog From a Breeder Like Happiness is Pets

Since H has finally found a job, we are thinking seriously about getting a puppy. I miss my dog Charlie very much and it would be great to have a dog running around to keep us company. I visited the website of Happiness is Pets to learn more about buying a new puppy and what kind of puppy we should think about getting.

Happiness is Pets sells mixes like Puggles, and a poodle might be good to get because they don't shed as much as are good for people with allergies, like me. However, H really wants to get a mini dachshund but I've never had one of those before and I'm not sure if Happiness is Pets carries them. He wants to get a long-haired black and tan one. I guess we'll have to do some more research to decide if we're ready for a dog.

Fishing like Sak Narwal

Now that summer has come to a close and we're in Fall now, one thing I'm going to miss is being able to go fishing. I really wish I would have done more of this this summer. People like Sak Narwal who set aside time to enjoy fishing are people I envy. Fishing and reading good books are 2 things I really enjoy.

I think it would be awesome to go deep sea or salt water fishing, like Sak Narwal has done in the Florida Keys. Problem is, I would be scared if I caught a huge fish and wasn't strong enough to bring it in! I wouldn't want to accidentally let go and lose my fishing pole!

One thing that would be crazy to catch are sharks, which is what Sak Narwal does in Long Island. Some sharks are really cute and I would feel bad catching them! I would probably release them back to sea once I caught them.

Remodeling with K-Designers

H and I have been looking at houses to buy lately, especially since we are "adults" now and have good jobs. He wants to buy a expensive house in the suburbs but I was thinking that it might be nice to buy an older Victorian home and fix it up using a home remodeling company like K-Designers.

There are so many things to fix up in an old home and it's cheaper to do it after you purchase the house rather than buying a house brand new. For instance, since we have 3 cars, we want a 3 car garage and can easily get new garage doors from K-Designers if the house we buy needs new ones.

Another thing that we might need to replace in an older home are gutters. K-Designers offers these as well, and I'm sure they would give us an estimate before we decided to purchase our gutters from them.