Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Connection Between Paul Offit and Jenny McCarthy

When I was creating a wish list for Christmas, I thought about including this new fitness program for the Nintendo Wii that features Jenny McCarthy. That got me thinking about other things she is known for, like speaking out about autism since her son has it. This then reminded me of Paul Offit, a doctor I have mentioned before on this blog.

Unlike Jenny McCarthy however, Paul Offit believes that vaccines do not cause autism and has a new book developing this idea. Sometimes my mom is concerned about the link between autism and vaccines since she works with children as part of her career, but I assure her that medical professionals like Paul Offit are researching all they can to determine more about autism and those who have it.

Steve Stevanovich & Destination Weddings

Because I am planning on getting married during September of next year, I have been looking up wedding venues for a beautiful place to have a ceremony and reception. My friend asked me if I was going to a destination wedding since my fiancee and I got engaged in Las Vegas instead of in our hometown of Kansas City. For fun, I was looking at Steve Stevanovich's blog about destination weddings for ideas and he certainly picked a lot of amazing places.

Steve Stevanovich mentions Utah and Japan, along with some other beautiful places around the world. While a destination wedding would be beautiful, I really want all my family and friends to be present so I'm not sure if having a destination wedding like Steve Stevanovich suggests would be such a good idea.

Non-profit work and Deven Parekh

Now that I'm out of college, I have a lot more free time to volunteer and do good in my community. Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners does a lot of non-profit work for Publicolor, which helps bring art to struggling teenage students.

However, instead of working with art like Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners, I think that I want to work prevent animal over-population in shelters across America. One of my New Year's Resolutions is to start volunteering in a local animal shelter. I have a lot of great marketing skills that might be good for building a website or writing descriptions about animals up for adoption.

Deven Parekh Insight Venture Partners is very inspirational because he is dedicated towards making the world a better place.

Ordering a Gown From Gina Penzarella

Since my boyfriend proposed to me on Thanksgiving weekend in front of the Belliago Fountains in Las Vegas this year, I have been on the hunt for the perfect wedding dress. I don't want to spend a lot of money but I still want my dress to be beautiful and something I will always treasure. While searching for gowns online, I found out about Gina Penzarella, who is a great bridal dress maker.

Besides making wedding gowns, Gina Penzarella also makes all different types of formal dresses and fancy dresses for prom for teenage girls. Her designs are great and she has been quite successful. Gina Penzarella also has a great dedication for protecting animals and is involved with Defenders of Wildlife and her local SPCA.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ordering Online From 1-800Flowers

Since I wasn't going to be with my family on Christmas, I went to the website for 1-800 Flowers and perused their inventory to see if they had any Christmas bouquets I could send to my mom so she could put them on the dining room table for Christmas dinner. 1-800 Flowers had a great selection available, along with coupons and special deals just in time for the holidays.

Normally I would think that ordering online from a floral company like 1-800 Flowers would be expensive, but their prices were reasonable and were comparable to the prices that other local florist shops were charging for the bouquet and delivery. I can't believe that a lot of florist shops charge so much for flowers, especially around the holidays! I guess when it's winter, flowers are harder to come by, but they should have a lot more specials since Christmas has to be popular for table arrangements and other flowers.

Sak narwal Reminds Me of Missing Summer

Since winter has finally hit Kansas, there is starting to be a lot cold weather and snow and I've begun to think about all the things I miss most about the summer, when the weather is much better and there is more to do.

One of these things (which Sak Narwal's blog reminded me of) is fishing. Sak Narwal has a passion for fishing and I do too. I think fishing is very relaxing and it makes me feel less stressed out. Sometimes I feel bad for the fish, but since I am a compassionate fisherman like Sak Narwal, I usually put the fish back since I do not wish to eat them.

When I am fishing, I do it for sport, not for food. For this reason, I don't care very much if I catch any fish or not.