Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking for a New Computer

Even though my computer is running fine with no problems, I still find myself looking at new laptops online to see what prices are. An Asus Laptop is usually a really good value, and a computer nerd friend of mine recommended them, saying that they have really gone up in quality since when they were first manufactured.

There are several other brands, like Lenovo or HP, but the most expensive of them all is of course the Apple MacBooks, which is usually a lot smaller than PC laptops but often cost 2x-3x more for the same amount of memory and processing speeds. However, many people prefer Apple and won't buy anything else.

I am always open-minded to PCs and Apple computers, I just evaluate each one individually to see if it is what I'm looking for. Usually I want something ultra-portable since I travel a lot. I don't like ones that have larger than a 15" screen because otherwise they are too big and difficult to carry.

When I finally decide to get a computer, I'm sure I will be able to find an Asus or other brand that will suit my needs.