Friday, January 30, 2009

Drunk Quote #1

H's quote of the day (it was 3 a.m.): "Well I'm drunk and watching golf, so don't blame me for anything that happens. It's the Australian Open. I'm worldwide."

He also asked me to do his laundry if he gave me $5. LOL. I love him, even though he woke me up to ask me.

Other famous 'drunk' quotes by H:
"Well I love McDonald's and I love you, so I just thought I'd call."
"You need to relish in this. You're relish, and I'm ketchup, and he's mustard."

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fried Food Challenge

So I've remained loyal to the no fried food pledge (minus some tortilla chips and a few french fries, but no chicken nuggets, which I love), and I've lost 4 pounds this week! I ate normally besides the fried food ban, and worked out 3 times, also normal for me.

I'm amazed! That means I only have 13 pounds left to reach my goal weight- what I weighed in high school.

Losing those 4 pounds made me realize how simple changes in my diet can really help my lose the extra weight and stay healthy.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valentine's Day

So, one of my favorite holidays is coming up- Valentine’s Day. I don’t know exactly why I like it so much, maybe it’s the valentine’s flowers I could potentially receive-- specifically the valentines roses that men usually give on this day.

I think too, red is one of my favorite colors and the theme of love is something nobody can hate. For some, it’s hard not to be bitter if they aren’t receiving valentine’s day gifts from a significant other, but even when I was single, I still enjoyed showing love to the important people in my life—I would send my mom a bouquet from 1-800 Flowers while she was work. I guess I just have a lot of love to give, and this is the perfect day to do it!

The Smell of Roses

A co-worker of mine has some lilies hanging on off her cubicle wall and the smell has wafted over to our section of the office. It smells terrific!

Lillies are definitely my favorite flower, but I also love long stem roses. They have such a classic scent that will never get old- maybe that’s why it’s the best seller at flower giants like 1-800 Flowers.

I do think that a dozen red roses are the most classic of all the rose bouquets, but pink roses are also great for friends, or as a congratulations bouquet. I think flowers are a classic gift- they are always appreciated, no matter what the occasion is.


I'm so elated that this is Obama's 2nd day in office. His inauguration speech was amazing, and I'm so proud of him and of our country for choosing to have hope instead of pessimism in their hearts.

I know that hope alone won't make our economy better or end the wars that are happening around the world, but (here comes the cheese) I believe that hope is the stepping stone towards taking the actions necessary to achieve greatness.

I think America has been humbled by our recent economy collapse and I only hope that when we begin to get "back on our feet", we don't forget the skrimping on gas and resources. I hope that we continue to conserve, recycle, and reuse, because that is the only way to keep our country and our earth sustainable.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change in 2009

Whether or not you are a democrat or republican, this is a historic day for the United States of America. We are living history right now, and I am so glad that I am here to witness it!

All this 'change' has definitely inspired me to become the person I always wanted to be, and I am continuing on my path of eating healthy, exercising well, and doing the things I love the most (i.e. writing, photography, spending time with family and friends).

To see some more election coverage, check out:

To get inspired to stick to the changes you want to make, check out:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

United American Health Insurance

I’ve always been so confused about insurance. I don’t know if I’m just basically over-thinking it, and it’s not that complicated, or if it really is as hard as I think it is. After browsing the United American Health Insurance website, I was seeing all the different types of insurance out there.

United American Health Insurance has life insurance, medical insurance, and a few different others. I don’t have insurance with United American Health Insurance, but I think that’s it’s great they offer resources for people to get their questions answered. People can call the toll-free number or ask questions when UAHI representatives come to their office. This makes easier for everyone to understand insurance.

Amos Tamam's Taxi Invention

On New Year’s Eve, I got our taxi driver lost. I haven’t been in this city long, but I’m glad I had thought to get cash so I could give him a bigger tip. I know I’ve mentioned it before, Amos Tamam’s credit card machine in taxis hasn’t quite reached my city yet, so until then, I just have to remember to get cash.

We live in a time now though, that’s it’s so hard to remember to get cash. Amos Tamam was right on the money when he thought of a credit card machine in taxis, especially since people take them when they aren’t in the right mind to be driving. Amos Tamam was right on the “money"-- literally-- when he thought of credit card taxi machines. I’m sure taxi drivers will get more tips that way!

Choices from Shasta Pools

I think once I remodel that Victorian house I was talking about earlier, I don’t know if that would look good with a pool in the back, but I think that if I bought a less vintage or less unique house, I think a pool or hot tub would be great. Shasta Pools has a huge selection of pool designs and plans that are so fun too look through.

Shasta Pools has a lot of options that I’m sure would make the option of having a pool more affordable then I think. There’s only one drawback to having a pool, whether it’s from Shasta Pools or not- the maintenance of it. I would hate cleaning it every week! I’m sure that if I had enough money to have a pool, I could hire someone looking to make a little extra money to clean it for me.

Paul Offit's Vaccine Research

When I was a child, I dreaded going to the doctor to get my vaccinations. Even though I was really young, I still remember some of them- where I was, what the doctor looked like, and how much my arm hurt. I’m glad there are nice doctors like Paul Offit out there who are trying to research and make vaccines more understandable.

I know that kids must have them in order to go to school, but the dread of having a needle going into your arm is just terrifying. Paul Offit is doing a lot of research to find more effective vaccines. Who knows, maybe someday Paul Offit will figure out a vaccine that you only have to have once- without any boosters as you get older.

Remodeling with K-Designers

I have been looking at houses lately. Even though I can’t really afford one (yet), I really wish I could get one. Even a fixer-upper that could be remodeled could be nice—not spending money on the actual house and then using a good amount of money on a remodeling company like K-Designers might be worth it. K-Designers could take an old Victorian house and completely remodel it to exactly what I wanted.

I know that I could save a lot of money if I did some of the work by myself, but seeing as how I don’t have that kind of experience, I think I’d be a lot more comfortable having professionals like K-Designers do it.

Big Investments With Andrew Wilshire

I’ve always made sure the H knows that I absolutely cannot stand yellow gold. After reading the blog of Andrew Wilshire, I’ve learned a lot more about precious metals and how much they are worth. Even though I’ll never want a yellow gold engagement ring, no matter how much they’re worth, Andrew Wilshire has made me more interested in the value of precious metals.

I know that an engagement ring is an important investment, and that just makes it more overwhelming. Having a financial expert like Andrew Wilshire who knows about how to handle important investments like jewelry is important to have on hand. Being smart about big purchases is important!

Wangethi Mwangi and His African Food

Now that I’ve researched African music, I decided to look into African food as well. I happened to stumble upon Wangethi Mwangi’s blog about African food. Food in other countries is so different than food I’m used to. I’d like to branch out and try new things- Wangethi Mwangi’s blog has some easy African food recipes that seem pretty simple to make.

Most of Wangethi Mwangi’s recipes use either beans and/or corn. Since I like these two things, I’m sure I could give African food a try. I don’t know if there are any African restaurants nearby, so I might have to make it at home.

Nachshon Draiman's Tennis Blog

In my daydreams of Spring weather, I’ve been thinking about other activities that I’d like to do once I can be outside for an extended period of time and not have limbs freezing off. One of these activities that I tried in high school is tennis. I was reading Nachshon Draiman’s tennis blog, and it made me realize how much I wanted to try tennis again.

Nachshon Draiman talks about how tennis is as much of a mental sport as it is a physical one. You have to size up your opponent and mentally prepared yourself for the match. Nachshon Draiman also brings up a good point- tennis is a lot different than just running or jogging, and it would add variety to my workouts.

Consolidated Resorts in Hawaii

I really cannot get Consolidated Resorts out of my head, especially in this frigid weather. A trip to the Consolidated Resorts location in Hawaii would be great right about now! The long plane ride would definitely be worth all that beautiful sand, sun, and view! I wish I were rich enough that I could take my entire family to Consolidated Resorts in Kauai.

Wouldn’t Christmas be great there? White sand instead of white snow! I keep telling my mom we need to go on a cruise or some other fun vacation for a holiday. When I win the lottery, I will be sure to take my family on a great vacation- they all deserve it!

Mohammed Babangida

When I was deciding what I wanted to major in in college, law school crossed my mind for an insane second. But, law school takes a lot of time and an analytical mind, which I feel like I don’t have a lot of. Mohammed Babangida had the dedication to become a lawyer, and then Mohammed Babangida went on in life to accomplish a great many number of things.

I think that a law degree does several other things besides make you a lawyer. I think it definitely opens up a lot of doors. You can serve on a number of influential panels and committees on topics you care about (Mohammed Babangida does this), and use your experience and knowledge to get almost any job you want. Having a law degree also teaches you to think objectively and argue correctly to get what you want. This is a helpful perk!

Ideas from Tim Arel

I know I’ve mentioned him before, those out there in the blogosphere, but I think Tim Arel is definitely in the right business- condos and property management. Before, I mentioned that I looked up to Tim Arel because he was a property manager, but I really think I’d like to take it a step further and actually own some property. Because after a while, it just starts paying for itself.

I know there is always maintenance to do, but owning property can be very profitable. And with owner associations like ones Tim Arel is involved in, sometimes maintenance services come with paying the annual membership fee. And, if I didn’t want to rent it out, and I was really rich, a vacation home in Santa Fe or Mexico would suit me just fine.

Joseph Odindo's Musical Influence

I have realized that I have such a wide spectrum in taste of music. Joseph Odindo has a blog that talks about different types of African music, and after listening to some myself, I’m glad I found Joseph Odindo’s blog. The rhythms of the drums are soothing, yet powerful, and I can totally understand how music is such a vital component in so many people’s lives.

Music can make you feel things you’ve never felt before. Joseph Odindo claims that Africa was the birthplace of music, and I’m inclined to think he’s right. The drum rhythms and beats in most music can be traced back to origins of music they’ve been playing in Africa for hundreds of years.

Frank Hanna's words of wisdom

I know that even though I complain about money, and the debt that I’m in, I think that overall, I am pretty lucky. Frank Hanna once said, “money is a gift from God”, and I’m just starting to realize the truth of his words.

Frank Hanna also said, "our actions with money should incorporate wisdom, and not just reflexes." I believe that is so true! Frank Hanna believes that money should be respected, which is something I need to work on. My extra money should be going towards my looming debt that I worry about so much, not the new pair of shoes I don’t need.

I think I’m really going to start focusing on using my money towards debt. I’ve picked up some more freelance gigs, and I have 2 extra paychecks a year that would really help out in that department as well. I bet before I know it, I will be living a debt-free life!

American Tax Relief

As tax season comes around, it makes me more and more nervous. With 5 W-2’s and possibly some W-9’s in the mix as well, it will be difficult to do them myself. I also think about, what if I (or my tax preparer) messes up? What if the tax preparer finds a huge mistake I made last year?

I always worry about having to pay back taxes. I know there are places like American Tax Relief that are there if I mess up, but it is still always in the back of my mind.

When I was visiting the American Tax Relief website, I learned something I didn’t know. The IRS is willing to settle and compromise monies owed to them. American Tax Relief is doing a good service by helping people settle their debts against the government.


So, I emailed my boss at about 11:30 last night and told him that I would be coming in late to work this morning because I was having trouble sleeping (which is very true). Wednesday, I woke up and it seriously felt like I hadn't even slept at all...and I was exhausted all day.

I have been thinking about it, and I believe that my exhaustedness lasts in cycles- and I am only 'awake' either during or right after my meal times. This has led me to deduce that the food I am eating is not sustaining my body for the entire day, making it impossible to maintain a consistent level of energy.

Anyway, I set my alarm for 8:10 a.m. this morning and went to bed. And what do you know, I woke up naturally at 7:57 a.m. Wake up without an alarm clock is seriously the best feeling in the world-- I'm never tired, and I'm instantly alert.

So, I have decided some action plans that I'm going to try to take to make my life a little less exhausting.

First, I am going to get a new alarm clock (Charlie ate my other one- what a coincidence) that wakes you up gradually- that may be less harsh than a traditional one, more like a natural 'wake up'. Secondly, I am banning myself from eating anything fried. It's been my deep dark secret for a long while, my love affair with chicken nuggets or anything with the word "breaded" in the description. I feel like now it's time to bring it to light, realize how disgusting it is, and come to terms with the fact that yes, my stomach is hurting because of what I just consumed (french fries, nachos, wings), not because I'm "just full".

We'll see how I do.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sometimes I think that I'll never run out of words to say or write, and other times, I'm so completely at a loss for words and the beauty and possibility around me that I think I'll never be able to speak again. 

It is such a beautiful feeling, to think about your circumstances and feel hopeful for once, to know that you have the entire world at your feet and only you can do something about it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolution

New Years resolutions are probably just as cliche as kissing your sweetheart at midnight, but I still end up making them. So this year, I've made 2 resolutions- to write more, both in my blogs and for extra income, and to start getting healthier.

I haven't picked up a waitressing shift at the restaurant I 'freelance' at for almost 2 months and this is because I have been doing ok with picking up enough 'freelance' writing jobs online to be fine financially. Of course, I'm still riding on my large income from my Yelp Scouting days because I got my last check in the beginning of December. It will definitely be interesting to see how it all pans out once I get into March, April, and so on.

As for my second resolution, it seems like every other week, New Years or not, I found myself making a resolution to be healthier. This year I've decided to try a new approach-- just being honest with myself. First, I will always drink pop. Yes, I'm aware of how unhealthy it is. But I'm also aware of how amazing it tastes. :)

I will also never give up my favorite foods, like cookies, Panda Express orange chicken, ice cream, etc. Sure, I don't have to have them every week, but I have found that I'm much for successful when I give into the random urges I have about once a week for something not-so-healthy than trying to ignore it by eating something else. I'd say about 90% of the time, I eat more calories in food that is 'healthier' instead of just eating what I wanted in the first place. Examples- 3 bags of 100-calorie pack Chips Ahoy cookie wafers instead of 1 regular-sized sugar cookie with milk (which is usually about 200 calories); or a small side of onion rings at Burger King (250 calories) instead of a larger salad (with dressing, can sometimes get up to 700 calories!). So, I'm making another "get healthy" resolution for 2009. But this time it includes eating in moderation, giving into my cravings (as long as they are for my favorite foods and are only about once per week), and exercising at least 3 times per week because of how great I feel afterwards.

We'll see how it goes.