Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Finding Polish Pottery Prices

Because I am a new homeowner, I still am constantly finding new home decor or improvement projects and ideas, especially because of Pinterest. One such find are beautiful Polish Pottery pieces, which can get quite pricey. The Polish are well-known for their pottery pieces, and they can become valuable collector's pieces or family heirlooms.

Thanks to the internet, sites like Polish Pottery Store make finding the most reasonable prices on Polish pottery a reality. I really love this Polish Pottery Bowl (pictured in this post), and the website helped me find it for around $60. What a great deal! We have glass cabinets at our house, so this would look great in those.

Next time I need some more Polish Pottery, I'll certainly check out Polish Pottery Store again!

It's Tax Time!

Tax time is fast approaching, and luckily, we have an accountant this go-round to make sure that we don't make any mistakes and pay any remaining taxes that are left over from my consulting and freelance work.

I enjoy owning my own business, and especially being my own boss, but I will say that the whole tax and financial side of the business can definitely get overwhelming at times. Accountants and Attorneys can definitely make the process easier and help prevent any penalties or legislation against you or your business.

That is definitely a "worse case scenario" situation, but it always helps to be prepared and have people on your side who know what to do in these situations. I always feel less anxious and more calm whenever I have a professional guiding me through a difficult or stressful process that I haven't experienced before.

Have you done your taxes yet? Did you get a refund?

This post was sponsored by Florida Tax Solvers, which helps individuals with their Florida Tax Return.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is becoming the "next big thing", mainly because avid internet and technology users are finding it hard (not to mention risky) to have all of their files, including music, stored onto their computer's hard drive.

Cloud hosting involves hosting files "in the cloud", which means they are stored via a remote server and can be accessed almost anywhere (and usually from any computer) through the internet. Cloud Hosting users appreciate this flexibility as well, as they can still access files when they are away from their home office or computer.

Many services, such as HostZilla, offer FREE Cloud Hosting up to 100MB. They also make it easy to upgrade for as low as $15/year, which is only a little bit more than $1 a month. That is a small price to pay for unlimited cloud web space.

The HostZilla website is easy to navigate and simple to use. It outlines available features easily and I would definitely recommend it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tiny House Design

The tiny or small home movement has been something that I have been very interested in. I appreciate that some people are willing to only build houses that are "big enough" instead of huge mansions that total 30,000 square feet and beyond.

I always tell my husband that if I won the lottery I wouldn't want to move, because our 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house is just the perfect size for us and our first child (whenever we have one). However, if it was just me, I wouldn't definitely look into utilizing small house floor plans, like the ones featured on Cozy Home Plans.

This site specializes in floor plans that range from 208- 781 square feet. Some are so pretty, and much more affordable than houses that are much larger. The biggest floor plan currently featured on the site is the High Point, pictured here to the right. It is two stories and definitely doesn't look like it's only 781 square feet!

To learn more about tiny home floor plans, you should check out the Cozy Home Plans site or this interesting blog post: Viva La Tiny Revolution: Why We’re Building a Little House

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Juicing It

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

The other night my husband logged on to satellitetvcincinnatioh.com to look for great deals for Ohio movie channels. He is very interested in the concept of doing a juice-cleanse, so he wanted to watch the movie, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. It is a personal documentary about a man who was overweight and sick with an auto-immune disease that had wrecked his body. He was taking numerous prescription drugs each day including blood pressure medication and steroids to control the inflammation present in his body. All of his years of bad eating habits and reduced exercise had left him feeling as if he was living under a death sentence. What this man decided to do was make a total change in the way he viewed food. He stopped depending on food as a fix for his emotional issues or personal problems. Instead, he began to look at food as nourishment for the mind and the body. He began eating only raw fruits and vegetables in juice from. Over the course of his sixty-day experiment, he dropped a huge amount of weight, detoxified his body, and eliminated the auto-immune disease from his system permanently. His blood counts and level s moved back within a healthy normal range. The physical, mental, and emotional transformation was unreal. He is a motivation for us all to change the way we view food as well as the way we nourish our bodies if we wish for a lifetime of health.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Making the Most of Your Self Storage Facility

When you become a self storage facility owner, it's important to realize the positive impact that having one or several self storage properties can have on a real estate portfolio.

Because self storage properties usually have less employees and are mainly self-sufficient, they have lower overhead costs when compared to other types of real estate, such as higher utilities and repair and cleaning costs. What's more, self storage facility laws allow owners to auction off a tenant's belongings when they don't pay their self storage rental fees for a certain number of months (which may vary, depending on state and country laws). The winner of the self storage auction has to clean out the unit in 24-48 hours, again depending on the laws and rules of the facility.

Other ways to make the most of a self storage facility is to market it properly so the facility can operate at full or near-full capacity. This ensures that the facility is generating the highest amount of revenue possible. There are several ways to market, including search engine advertising, website marketing, blogging, social media, mail campaigns, and more. Traditional and online marketing strategies, as well as advertising specials and events, can all be viable options for increasing revenue at a self storage facility.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Utilizing Brosix Instant Messenger During Commutes

Brosix is a great option for workers that have long commutes of more than 20 minutes. Because more and more workers are finding jobs in cities that are farther away from where they are based, they are forced to commute up to one or two hours a day. These types of grueling hours may leave some people feeling stressed out and anxious.

However, for those taking car pool (not driving), public transportation, or trains, utilizing the time spent commuting for work-related tasks may help workers feel more productive and more in control of how their day is spent.

For instance, if a worker has an hour-long commute one way, they could use that hour in the morning to go through emails and confer with co-workers using their phone. Furthermore, if they have an Android-powered smart phone or an iPhone, downloading the Brosix Instant Messaging application for work can help ensure that any conversations with co-workers would remain secure and uncompromised.

Instead of spending 2 hours a day during the commute reading the newspaper or waiting for the commute to be over, utilize the time in a productive manner. Emails and IM conversations are a good start, as is writing down goals and to-dos for the next day so those items don't have to be thought about when at home. "Leaving" all the worry and anxiety from the workplace and commute behind when a worker walks through the door to their home can make their home life with their significant other and family much more enjoyable.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fun Internet Finds

One of the things I love most about the internet is the fact that you can find almost anything. From rare, autographed CDs to gag gifts, I enjoy shopping online to buy things for myself and for loved ones.

This is why I was happy to find FunSlurp.com. They have tons of fun gifts for almost anyone, especially because they range from useful (like the Can Grip) to silly, like the Grow a Boyfriend toy. FunSlurp.com is definitely a good site to "get lost in" whenever you have some free time and are looking for the right unique gift. I would definitely give it a try and check it out for a friend or family member's next birthday or significant occasion where a whimsical, creative, or funny gift would be a perfect fit.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Losing Weight Fast

Like many women, I have a few pounds that I would like to lose. I have a pretty good gym schedule but whenever I feel like losing weight fast, I know that I need to focus on my eating habits.

I know that I could always drink a lot more water throughout my day and there are always healthier food options I could make instead of chips or other fast food.

Making these types of choices are what makes losing weight fast a more definite possibility. Combining healthier eating habits with my exercise habits would certainly aid in my weight loss. Now I just need to buckle down and do it!

Online Writing Tools

Because I do a lot of online writing, I occasionally need help with grammar and spelling. This is where free online resources for writing like Omniglot come in handy. Omniglot offers several different free online resources like a grammar checker, spelling checker, and even English learning websites.

Overall, the free resources page is really easy to navigate and the links are provided throughout the text and summary explaining each feature. I think I'm going to bookmark it in the future in case I ever need to check my grammar, spelling, or find a dual language English dictionary. Sometimes good links like these are hard to find!