Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Communicating With My Business Partner Online

I have a business partner that lives about 3 hours (by car) away from me. Because of this, we had to find some affordable (and free) ways to communicate every day by phone.

  • Email: We use gmail and go daddy email addresses with our URL to communicate with one another and our clients.
  • Instant Messaging: We talk via gchat, Skype, and Brosix every day to stay in touch so we can chat about clients, projects, and other developments.
  • File Sharing: We use Google Documents for a lot of our files that we both need to access. This is especially useful for spreadsheets.
  • Text Messaging: We both have iPhones, so we can use iMessage or HeyWire to communicate via WiFi or our phone's data service.
These are just some of the free tools we use to stay in touch and have a successful business partnership.

Do you have any others we can use?

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Finding Party Ideas

I always love creating theme ideas for parties, and this is especially true for birthdays and around the holidays. I have had several themed parties, including:
  • Vegas
  • Neon
  • Halloween Housewarming
  • Flannel
and several others. I will say that the one theme party I have never had is an ugly sweaters party. These are usually really popular around the winter holidays, especially Christmas. Ugly sweaters can be very fun, especially searching for an ugly sweater to wear before the party. I'm sure I would try to find the ugliest sweater I could, maybe one with a dog on it, since I have two dogs.

Have you ever had an ugly Christmas (or other holiday) party? Was it fun?

Finding a Dentist

I am not a huge fan of dentist. It could be a San Antonio Dentist or a Kansas City dentist, it really doesn't matter.

I am not a fan of drills in my mouth or really, anywhere near my body. This might be why I am not a huge fan of dentists at all. I also had a bad experience with anesthesia at the dentist's office when I was little, so that is definitely a big part of it.

Now, I have some cavities and I'm not so keen and having them, and want to get rid of them. I got x-rays taken and now I just need to make the appointment! I found a good dentist nearby, and I'm going to call Monday.

Please wish me luck!

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Making Side Income

Everyone needs some side income once in a while...when I was working full-time I did freelance work to help pay down my student loans (which are still haunting me) and to have extra money for trips and Christmas presents.

Now that I freelance full-time, I am still always looking for ways to make side income for even greater trips and a bigger savings account (as well as still paying down that pesky student loan debt).

There are several ways to make side income on the weekends or evenings. They include:
  • Freelancing (painting, moving, writing, designing...)
  • Buying and selling items at storage auctions
  • Selling owned items on eBay
  • Reselling concert tickets (if legal in your state or city)
  • Babysitting
  • Being a server or bartender
  • Helping people move
  • Lawn mowing
  • Pet sitting
  • Selling goods on Etsy or Fiverr
and so many more!

Do you earn a side income? Have you tried storage auctions or Etsy yet? Let me know!