Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Helping Severe Sweating with Botox

Botox can be used for a variety of reasons beyond decreasing the look of wrinkles, which was also discussed in my previous blog post. But did you know that Botox for men and women can have different uses as well?

For instance, men may find Botox useful to help cure Hyperhidrosis for excessive sweating in the armpits and other areas. While women can also use Botox for this reason as well, it is usually more common for men.

A use of Botox for women that is becoming more popular is the inject of Platisma bands in the neck. This can decrease the occurrence of "turkey neck" or sagging neck skin. Many women feel self-conscious about this occurrence and Botox can certainly help reduce the appearance of sagging platisma bands.

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Other Uses for Botox

When Botox was first introduced, it was mainly for reducing the look of wrinkles temporarily. Now that it has grown in popularity, the medical community is discovering more uses for Botox.

The advantages and benefits of Botox can go beyond traditional layered fillers (even though layered fillers can help with under-eye bags and other physical flaws). Some patients get Botox treatments to decrease rosacea, which has been shown to decrease after regular use when injected in cheeks.

Botox can also help with headaches and excessive sweating, which is something I will talk about in my next blog post.

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Medically Advanced Facials

I have always wanted a facial, but I keep thinking that they aren't worth my time or that they are too costly. Luckily, I scored a coupon for a discounted facial and went into to get it last year. I loved it! The best part of any facial (in my opinion) is the facial massage.

There are several medical spas that offer advanced medical facials, Chicago and beyond. While I haven't been to any of these medical spas, I do know after getting my first facial last year, I do reason how much facials can improve skin and overall tone, complexion, and skin health if they are done regularly.

This is one beauty treatment that I wouldn't mind getting regularly!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Uses for an iPad or other tablet

I recently got an iPad. I was sick of taking notes in several different notebooks or post it notes and p then not finding them later. It wasnt productive and I might as well not have been taking notes at all. The iPad 2 has gone down in price since the new iPad has come out, so I went for it.

The iPad has a variety of uses, including:
  • Taking notes at meetings
  • Sending emails
  • Sending text and instant messages
  • Looking up information on the internet
  • Playing games
  • Downloading productivity apps, such as Wordpress and document editors.
I have found that the iPad is a very useful tool for business owners, working professionals, and for personal use. Finding a sale on a used iPad or a new one from a wholesale distributor online can be a good way to save some money. Other tablets are available as well, including the Samsung Galaxy and the Kindle Fire.

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