Friday, October 2, 2009

Remodeling with K-Designers

H and I have been looking at houses to buy lately, especially since we are "adults" now and have good jobs. He wants to buy a expensive house in the suburbs but I was thinking that it might be nice to buy an older Victorian home and fix it up using a home remodeling company like K-Designers.

There are so many things to fix up in an old home and it's cheaper to do it after you purchase the house rather than buying a house brand new. For instance, since we have 3 cars, we want a 3 car garage and can easily get new garage doors from K-Designers if the house we buy needs new ones.

Another thing that we might need to replace in an older home are gutters. K-Designers offers these as well, and I'm sure they would give us an estimate before we decided to purchase our gutters from them.

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