Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Utilizing Brosix Instant Messenger During Commutes

Brosix is a great option for workers that have long commutes of more than 20 minutes. Because more and more workers are finding jobs in cities that are farther away from where they are based, they are forced to commute up to one or two hours a day. These types of grueling hours may leave some people feeling stressed out and anxious.

However, for those taking car pool (not driving), public transportation, or trains, utilizing the time spent commuting for work-related tasks may help workers feel more productive and more in control of how their day is spent.

For instance, if a worker has an hour-long commute one way, they could use that hour in the morning to go through emails and confer with co-workers using their phone. Furthermore, if they have an Android-powered smart phone or an iPhone, downloading the Brosix Instant Messaging application for work can help ensure that any conversations with co-workers would remain secure and uncompromised.

Instead of spending 2 hours a day during the commute reading the newspaper or waiting for the commute to be over, utilize the time in a productive manner. Emails and IM conversations are a good start, as is writing down goals and to-dos for the next day so those items don't have to be thought about when at home. "Leaving" all the worry and anxiety from the workplace and commute behind when a worker walks through the door to their home can make their home life with their significant other and family much more enjoyable.

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