Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Communicating With My Business Partner Online

I have a business partner that lives about 3 hours (by car) away from me. Because of this, we had to find some affordable (and free) ways to communicate every day by phone.

  • Email: We use gmail and go daddy email addresses with our URL to communicate with one another and our clients.
  • Instant Messaging: We talk via gchat, Skype, and Brosix every day to stay in touch so we can chat about clients, projects, and other developments.
  • File Sharing: We use Google Documents for a lot of our files that we both need to access. This is especially useful for spreadsheets.
  • Text Messaging: We both have iPhones, so we can use iMessage or HeyWire to communicate via WiFi or our phone's data service.
These are just some of the free tools we use to stay in touch and have a successful business partnership.

Do you have any others we can use?

This post sponsored by Brosix, a corporate messenger program available for Android and iPhone.

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