Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frank Hanna's words of wisdom

I know that even though I complain about money, and the debt that I’m in, I think that overall, I am pretty lucky. Frank Hanna once said, “money is a gift from God”, and I’m just starting to realize the truth of his words.

Frank Hanna also said, "our actions with money should incorporate wisdom, and not just reflexes." I believe that is so true! Frank Hanna believes that money should be respected, which is something I need to work on. My extra money should be going towards my looming debt that I worry about so much, not the new pair of shoes I don’t need.

I think I’m really going to start focusing on using my money towards debt. I’ve picked up some more freelance gigs, and I have 2 extra paychecks a year that would really help out in that department as well. I bet before I know it, I will be living a debt-free life!

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