Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cheer

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If I had a bigger apartment, I would definitely have a Christmas party. There are so many great ideas on this website I found- They have a lot of Christmas Party Games, including a great fun one with Christmas Songs where you use different words to describe the titles of songs- for instance, "Deck the Halls" becomes "Adorn the Vestibules" (That one is pretty hard, but you get the picture). I am certainly one of those people who force people into creating their own holiday cheer!

Besides games, they also have a lot of Christmas Decorations that are really cute ideas- candy cane theme, natural 'flora' theme, a nativity theme.

When H. and I move into our new apartment next year, we'll definitely have to have a Christmas party. You can never miss an excuse to decorate in themes! Christmas is my favorite holiday, because people are so much nicer and willing to share during the season. If only the world was this nice year-round. I guess it just gets me in the mood to celebrate.

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