Thursday, December 18, 2008

Vacation Living

With this cold weather, I’ve been dreaming about taking another vacation now more than ever. Since H and I have talked about getting married, I’ve thought about our honeymoon, too. I’m sure he wants to go somewhere tropical, like the Consolidated Resorts location in Hawaii, or the Consolidated Resorts location in Orlando.

I think a cruise would be fun too, but maybe only to the Caribbean, and then they can let us out on the island so we can explore- I’m a total tourist whenever I travel. H likes to relax, but I like to explore and go to all the cheesy landmarks and tourist traps (for the most part- I know a gimmick when I see one though!).

My aunt worked on a tourist glass-bottomed tour boat in Florida when she was in her 20s- I’m sure that would have been an awesome and fun job, just to have for a summer or two. I’ve always thought it would be fun to do that or to work at a beach resort just for the experience. Consolidated Resorts has a jobs website- but I don’t know how competitive it is to get a job there.

Maybe in my next life, I’ll go work in Hawaii or the Bahamas for awhile. ;)

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