Thursday, December 18, 2008

Arizona Oasis

Swimming pools are big business in Arizona, where the yearly precipitation rate is actually rising because of the amount of evaporation that comes from all the private residential pools. Leaving the Phoenix airport, it’s crazy to look out your window and see everyone’s backyard- they all have little blue bodies of water in them!

Shasta Pools in Arizona is the world’s largest privately held pool builder. It’s an impressive fact- they stay really busy almost year-round. I believe my aunt and uncle, who live in Phoenix, had Shasta Pools build their heated outdoor pool, and it’s really great. You can change the temperature and it has an automatic built-in cleaning system that cleans the pool using high-powered jets and vents.

I think that if I lived in the middle of the desert, I would certainly have a pool too! Phoenix (and Arizona in general) is pretty, but it’s wickedly hot, especially in the summer!

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